Planning a Character Walk Cycle

What does a character walk cycle look like when i sketch out the break down of how a walk pattern, in balance and timing, actually works?

A human walk cycle on average timing fits well on a counting of 12 frames per second, marking the 13th frame as the mirror reflection of the first frame to account for the other side of the character timed through to frame 24 and marking frame 25 as the exact repeat of frame 1 from which the cycle will loop to make it look as though the character continues to walk on, indefinitely, at a consistent and steady pace.


Breaking down the concept even further, i can start to identify the key poses of each step in the character’s walk. These key poses will become the main 13 key frames as base foundation for blocking out the animation.

In the image below, i have mapped out all of the key main poses with further in between breakdowns for a smooth animation:

WalkCycle with BreakDown

Based on my drawing, it is evident that in a walk cycle, there are clear definitions between each step as the character sets out with one foot on the ground while the other is passing, shifting weight to obtain forward momentum, pushing down into a step flowing through into an up pose and out again into the next. The feet repeating the flow walking on, the movement swinging hips side to side as the weight alternates through the legs with each passing of the foot until making the next contact.

Testing in 2D:

2D animation walk cycle test, walking on a steady pace timing of 12 frames.

With all that said, i have gone ahead and filmed myself for reference to a Sneaking Walk Cycle that i would like to create for my character personality walk cycle project over the next few weeks: (only focusing on the legs for this assignment)

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